Turkish Diaphragms Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish diaphragms, Turkey diaphragms manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality diaphragms from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

DMS KAUCUK PLASTIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Tan    
s rubber products, rubbers, rubber diaphragm, rubber diaphragms, diaphragms, blow-out diaphram, bellows, rubber bellows, tyre membranes, membrane tyre, membrane rubbers, rubber membrane, ventouse rubbers, ventouse tires, rubber
OTO CIG LASTIK VE PLASTIK SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Miss Nazife Almaz    
s metalastic products, vibration and tiring caps, sealing elements, bellows, diaphragms, trailer parts, spine rotator, rubber covered plug, jumping buffer, poly urethane product, trailer parts
BUYUKDEMIR OTOMOTIVE        Türkiye         
s 12 v plug connector, abs/ebs plug, abs/ebs socket, adaptor, air couplings, air hose, air-brake systems, ball socket joint, brake system products, cylinders, diaphragms, electrical cable, ir brake coil, plug connectors, polytube, shift rod connectors, socket connectors, stopcock, suspension control ball joint, switch, test coupling, valves
s sealing materials, oring, gasket, coupling, nutring, sealing elements o-ring, hydraulic-pneumatic sealing elements, marble sector, spare parts of marble industry, plastics sealing elements, guiding sealing elements, wiper, nutring sealing elements, pneumatic cylinder guiding products, pneumatic guiding products, pneumatic tool kits, hydraulic tool kits, automotive tool kits, gaskets, plugs, ventil, pumps, bearings, hydraulic-pnomatik sealing elements, polyurethanes, circular ring, nutrings, cleaners, hydraulic repairing set, sugar industry, working machines, heavy industry products, buffers, automotive repairing set, singing and shafted pump rubbers, repairing sets, protection casing, blowers, diaphragms, pneumatic lifting gasket, rubber parts
YUNIFER RUBBER        Türkiye     Yunus KILIC    
s brake bellows, diaphragms, taps, joints, diaphragm vacuum, lpg tube, gaskets, oringler, lpg diaphragms
s automotive spare parts, truck parts, truck spare parts, man spare parts, mercedes spare parts, bmc spare parts, volvo spare parts, scania spare parts, setra spare parts, suspension bellows, cabin mountings, balance shafts, absorber bushes, shroud bushes, suspension bushing, metal buffers, rubber buffers, rubber metals, engine mountings, exhaust rubbers, turbocharger hoses, radiator mountings, cab supports, pistons, ball joints, stabilizer bushes, diaphragms, automotive spare part, man spare part, mercedes spare part, bmc spare, rubber buffer, stabilizer bush, engine mounting, cabin mounting, metal buffer, scania spare part, balance shaft, volvo spare part, suspension bellow, turbocharger hose, piston, ball joint, diaphragm, exhaust rubber, bmc spare part, setra spare part, absorber bush, shroud bush, suspension bushings, rubber metal, radiator mounting, cab support
ERMAK OTO SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mehmet Akif SÖYLEYİCİ    
s auto spare parts, auto spares, automotive spare parts, auto parts, automotive parts, main jets, jets, carburetor main jets, carburetor jets, carburetor spray nozzles, spray nozzles, nozzles, carburetors, diaphragms, injector tubes, brake linens, idle air adjusting screws, adjusting screws, air adjusting screws, carburetor fuel pumps, carburetor butterflies, diesel fuel hoses, carburetor air bleeds, carburetor float valves, carburetor l type spray nozzles, brake lines, brake hose, brake fluid hose, brake tube, weber diaphragm, solex diaphragm, float valves, weber main jet, solex main jet, carburetor air-bleed nozzles, weber air-bleed nozzles, solex air-bleed nozzles, weber spray nozzles, solex spray nozzles, butterflies and washers, idle air-adjusting screws, fuel hoses, fuel overflow hoses, thermostat spare water tank hoses, spare water tank hoses, overflow oil line connector, fuel hose connectors, nozzle, automotive spare part, auto spare part, auto part, spray nozzle, diaphragm, automotive part, auto spare, jet, carburetor, main jet, carburetor main jet, carburetor jet, carburetor spray nozzle, injector tube, brake linen, idle air adjusting screw, adjusting screw, air adjusting screw, carburetor fuel pump, carburetor butterfly, diesel fuel hose, carburetor air bleed, carburetor float valve, carburetor l type spray nozzle
ONSAMAK MACHINERY        Türkiye     Onur Alpay    
s accumulator, atlas copco, bearing, bush, bushing, cifa, concrete pump, coupling, diaphragms, drifters, drillcity, drilling equipments, drilling spare parts, elba, hydraulic motor, ingersollrand, mining euipment, montabert, pistons, putzmeister, reich, rock drill, rock tools, sandvik, schwing, seal kits, sermac, spare parts, spare parts of drilling machines, tamrock, atlas copco, sandvik
ND MAKINA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Serdar ÜNLÜ    
s defence industry parts, defence industry spare parts, wiper hinges, fittings, pistons, bearing magnets, ammunition access covers, protectors, ring adapters, adapters, landing gear hinges, centrifuge pump boxes, diaphragms, springs, cast products, defense industry casting products, sleeves, bushes, couplings, unions, connectors, defence industry part, defence industry spare part, wiper hinge, fitting, piston, bearing magnet, ammunition access cover, protector, ring adapter, adapter, landing gear hinge, centrifuge pump box, diaphragm, spring, cast product, defense industry casting product, sleeve, bush, coupling, union, connector
s sealing, hydraulic sealing, pneumatic sealing, oil well drilling, hydraulic sealing elements, pneumatic sealing elements, diaphragms, technical rubber moulding
s oring and oring set, cable ties, various silicon gasket, various witnesses, sponge lama, various silicon fillers, teflon, oil seeds, powder felt and hydraulic felt, mechanical seal, brake tires, vacuum gaskets, blowers, diaphragms, jack felts and tractor lift felts, valve seal, cleaning ball and valve gaskets, polyurethane materials, piston felts, couplings, sieve wedges, diaphragm plate, bushes and teflon bearings, rubber